Mississippi State Contract

Mississippi State Contract

izzy+ (ABCO Office Furniture)
17237 Van Wagoner Road

Spring Lake, MI 49456
Tax Identification #: 38-3572104
Direct product and pricing information inquiry:
Customer Service:
4121 Rushton Street
Florence, AL 35630
E-Mail Address: icare@izzyplus.com
Telephone No.: 800.336.0070
Fax No.: 800.992.2261
Contract for the State of Mississippi:
Contract #: 8200019407
Contract Name: Cafeteria, Lounge, Modular Office, School and Seating

Contract Effective Dates: 

7/01/2015 – 6/30/201

Contract Discounts:

Delivered and Installed:
$0-500,000 List = 45%



$0-500,000 List = 50%

Helpful Links:
ABCO Price Guide

ABCO 2.0 Price Guide

Orders to be mailed to:
izzy+ (ABCO Office Furniture)

11451 Harter Drive

Middlebury, IN 46540


Fax: 800.831.9821
Payments to be mailed to:
izzy+ (ABCO Office Furniture)

P.O Box 512

Spring Lake, MI 49456-0512
Orders will be shipped within 21 days after receipt of Purchase Order.
Payment Terms: Net 45 Days
Electronic catalog address: Website for ABCO Office Furniture is www.abcofurniture.com
Contract Administrator
Bill Mitchell
Contracts Manager
17237 Van Wagoner Rd. 
Spring Lake, MI 49456
E-Mail Address: bill.mitchell@izzyplus.com
Telephone No.: 616-847-8785
Fax No.: 616-847-6540